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Professionals greatly value the partnership that RECO offers specialist-level support in the generation and development of specific, and often creative, solutions. These collaborations contribute greatly to the prevention of lost hours and help projects run more successfully. Whether our contribution is in the use of scaffolding, generators or heating units, RECO delivers exactly the right equipment for each specific situation, regardless of the sector. As an independent renter, RECO is not associated with other parties. RECO has a wide assortment of top-quality equipment available and delivers this equipment from its stock, with experts from all sectors in-house.



Excellent equipment alone is not a guarantee of safe work, but it is a pre-condition. The equipment from RECO is always well maintained, carefully inspected and has all of the necessary quality marks and certificates. In order to guarantee the optimal and therefore safe use of our equipment, each delivery is supervised by the RECO experts.