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Governmental institutions

Governmental institutions, such as Municipalities, the Ministry of Defence, the National Public Works and Water Management and Water Boards, must be able to provide for the needs of their customers 24/7. In most cases, emergency situations or disasters are unacceptable and must be solved immediately. RECO knows this and solves problems from this standpoint. Our temporary equipment and 24/7 service provision mean that we can fulfil these types of needs for governmental institutions. The installation of temporary accommodations and emergency power supplies as well as the provision of temporary traffic solutions are often handed over to RECO by Municipalities and other governmental institutions.


Emergency arrangements

In the event of an emergency, quick action must be taken. That is why RECO is standing by day and night, 365 days per year, to make lightning-fast emergency arrangements. For example, by installing a temporary lift, by setting up containers for the temporary storage of goods or by installing emergency power supplies. And, for more predictable situations, such as renovations or a festivity, RECO provides temporary accommodations (completely equipped with water, lighting, heating and furniture, if needed), temporary traffic routes, fencing, podiums, light towers and so on. RECO fulfils the requirements of every project, no matter how small or large, and does so independent of third parties: RECO has its own vehicles, its own equipment, its own drivers, mechanics and engineers.


Temporary classrooms

Schools must often deal with large fluctuations in the number of students. At times, it may be necessary to expand the capacity of classrooms, laboratories, wardrobes or sanitary facilities. RECO provides these facilities in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Directly from its stock, RECO delivers standard classrooms which can be interconnected. And in cases where there are specific applications or special requirements, RECO delivers customized classrooms. Regardless of your needs, our temporary accommodations are high-quality and have the look and feel of a permanent solution, one which complies entirely with the specifications of the customer.