Day and night available


Safe festivals

RECO has the equipment needed for any event. Temporary LED light towers, roofing, sanitary facilities, water taps, generators, distribution units, temporary office space, dock boards etc. RECO can supply everything, including transport, assembly, permit requests, temporary power and anything else that is required.  We recommend involving RECO as early as possible in the planning of any event.


Available day and night

Emergencies all have one thing in common: they always occur unexpectedly. That is why RECO is available, without exception, day and night throughout the entire year at 0800-2357326.

RECO has a special emergency container from which the first provisions and facilities are arranged. In the meantime, RECO maps out exactly which additional measures must be taken. This makes it possible, in no time, to set up a fence, to install an emergency power supply and to put up temporary accommodation and extra terrain lighting or even to make an entire emergency lift operational. RECO ensures that the situation is brought under control and stabilized in a very short time..