Specifications: Distribution unit 32 Amp.

Artnr. 323

Wide assortment of distribution units

RECO offers you a wide selection of distribution units. We can provide you with distribution units starting at 32A up to 400A main distribution cabinets. All of our equipment is suitable for use in industrial/construction environments and is suitable for outdoor use.

Please consult our specialist if you are not sure which distribution unit best fits your needs. Our specialists will always provide you with expert advice.
distribution unit 32 amp to 400 amp
Technical data Type 323 Distribution unit 32 Amp
Cabinet Solid rubber
Input by means of device socket outlet 5P 32 Amp
Output by means of a flush socket outlet 5P 32 Amp
Power 2 flush socket outlets 4P 32 Amp, protected by 1 circuit breaker, 20 Amp, per socket outlet
Light 6 flush socket outlets 2P + earth, 16 Amp, protected by 1 circuit breaker, 16 Amp, per 2 socket outlets
Earth leakage protection 1 residual current device, 40 Amp 0.03 Amp, over all 16 and 32 Amp flush socket outlets including the feed-through outlet
Standard Steel tube frame, heavily galvanized
Dimensions (HxWxD) 450 x 450 x 250 mm,
Total height, including high model, heavily galvanized 740 mm
Weight approx. 15 kg
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