Specifications: Light tower station 10 - 12 meter

Artnr. 340010

Ideal for illuminating construction sites, events, road works and industrial terrains

A temporary light tower can come in very handy when you are working on a project which has no permanent power supply yet must be illuminated, for example during road works or during heavily trafficked events.

RECO rents various mobile light towers. The light towers are compact, easy to move and are ready for immediate use.

Call the RECO advisers about all of the possible applications and have them design a lighting plan for you.
mobile tower light
Technical data Type 340010 Light tower station 10-12 m
Description Light tower, telescopic up to 12 m incl. ballast in the form of Stelcon plate
Light tower is suitable for 3x halogen 500-1000 W
2x HQI of NAV-T 400 W
1x HQI 2000 VA
Surface area 2,00 x 2,00 m
Height Max. 12 m
Weight 350 kg excl . ballast
ATTENTION: At wind force 6 or higher, do not extend the mast beyond a max. of 6 m.  
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