Specifications: RECO LED Tower Light - light tower

Artnr. 1340

Ideal for illuminating construction sites, events, road works and industrial terrains

A temporary light tower can come in very handy when you are working on a project which has no permanent power supply yet must be illuminated, for example during road works or during heavily trafficked events.
RECO rents various mobile light towers. The light towers are compact, easy to move and are ready for immediate use. The light towers are equipped with large fuel tanks or generators, which means these mobile light towers can do their jobs for more than enough hours. Besides that, with the mobile LED Towerlights from RECO you can save 60% on your fuel costs while reducing CO2 emissions by 80%.

As an option, the LED Towerlights can be equipped with an extensive camera system. This system provides optimal protection of your work, even when the lights on the tower are not turned on.

Would you like more information? Then call the RECO specialists about all of the possible applications and have them design a lighting plan for you.
led tower light

Technical data Type 1340 LED Tower Light - light tower
Lamps 4 units LLG Ledlight fixtures at 150 W
Light output 17,000 lumen
Generator 2000 Watt
Fuel petrol / Aspen 2T
Consumptions 0,5 litres/hour
Tank volume 200 liter
Installation dimensions 2,57 x 2,57 m
Mastheight 8,5 m
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Melvin Twaalfhoven - RECO
Melvin Twaalfhoven