Specifications: Blower heater Thermobile IMA 111 Radial HP

Artnr. 8308

Blower heater—ideal for industry, events and construction

The blower heaters from RECO are commonly used for the construction and industrial sectors and to heat large halls. The blower heaters also provide the ideal heating for larger areas and concourses. Since the blower heaters have an enormous output, usually only one heater is needed to provide adequate, evenly distributed warmth.
blower heater thermobile

Technical data Type 8308 Thermobile IMA 111 Radial HP
Capacity 110 kW
Power supply voltage 400 V / 32 Amp
Fuel consumption 10,9 litres/hour
Fuel HBO / Diesel
Airflow 10.000 m³/hour
Outlet cone 500 mm
Chimney connection 200 mm
Dimensions (lxwxh) 2400 x 1000 x 1720 mm
Weight 430 kg
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