Specifications: Generator 60 KVA

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The modern generator fleet from RECO provides for the temporary power needs of many different customers in various sectors, wherever and whenever you want! RECO rents exclusively top quality products, whether a generator, an emergency power supply or a powertrain. Our generators are utilized at events, construction sites, hospitals, as emergency power supplies and in industrial settings.

By applying innovative systems, such as power management, fuel management and distance monitoring, RECO knows how to maximize the reliability of each temporary power installation while, at the same time, lowering the operational costs.

Features of our generators:

  • From 2 KVA to 250 KVA.
  • Our generator can be coupled for use up to 1000KVA.
  • The generaots are completely operational upon delivery.
  • By means of power management, several generators can be controlled as 1 unit.
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Technical data Type QAS-60
Power 60 KVA 400 volt 50 Hz
Nominal current 84,9 ampere
Output capacity 54 kW
Voltage control Electronic rPM module with permanent
magnet generator


62 dB at 7 meter

Fuel tank

internal 230 litres and external connection present

Fuel Traxx diesel
Fuel consumption at

25% capacity 4,70 Litres / hour
50% capacity 7,35 Litres / hour
75% capacity 10,72 Litres / hour
100% capacity 14,10 Litres / hour

Connection 1 x 16 ampere 230 volt
1 x 32 ampere 5-pole 400 volt
1 x 63 ampere 5-pole 400 volt
1 x 125 ampere 5-pole 400 volt
1 x terminal board M 10
Weight 1805 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 2850 x 1100 x 1500 mm
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