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The most complete option all-inclusive rentals

RECO always offers you several good options for the rental of machines and tools. The most complete option is the total outsourcing of all equipment management and maintenance. RECO calls this option ‘sharing the total load’. However, it is also possible to choose a somewhat less comprehensive offering in the form of a rental package, put together with care, for a specific project or service. An interesting third option is the choice of a temporary rental depot at the project location. Regardless of what you choose, RECO is the partner for your tools and machines.


My RECO gives you online access

With My RECO, all customers have online access to the charges, rental statuses, inspection reports, calibration reports and delivery locations of all their rented machines and tools. This service distinguishes RECO from the other players on the rental market. RECO customers can access their information completely independently, day or night.


Advice from experts

RECO knows better than anyone how important it is for companies and professionals to have the right machines, good tools and the right measuring devices. Therefore the advisers from RECO also like to help you brainstorm about the optimal use of machines and tools for every challenge, large or small. And they do this based on the extensive practical experience they have built up over the years. This collaboration guarantees the best solution for every project.