Specifications: Transport platform 500 kg MP50

Artnr. 4331

Multi-functional transport platforms

RECO rents a variety of transport platforms for quick, safe and easy transport of goods and/or people. Our transport platforms are ideal for many types of materials and goods as well as for people, as they accompany goods, for example. The transport platforms from RECO are commonly used for new construction projects and for renovations. Since the transport platforms allow personnel to travel along with the goods, a traditional builders' hoist is often no longer needed.

Would you like some individual advice for your project? Ask our specialists for help. They are more than happy to help you get started and to advise you about which transport platform is suitable for your project.
transport platform reco

Technical data Type MP50
Loading capacity 500 kg including 3 persons
Speed 12 - 24 m / min
Max. lift height with anchored mast 75 m
Max. free-standing lift height 0 m
Max. anchoring distance 6 m

Platform dimensions
- length
- width

1500 mm
1500 mm

Dimensions and weight base station
- length
- width
- height
- weight base station with platform and 1 mast

2450 mm
1900 mm
2250 mm
975 kg
Motor powe 2,5 / 4,5 kW
Current 32 A
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Fall protection MR2B

Mast data
- length
- weight
- rack module

1508 mm
60 kg
6 mm

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