Specifications: Passenger and Goods hoist SC-1432-48

Artnr. 1601

RECO passenger and goods lifts—safe and efficient

RECO has various lifts and mast climbing work platforms available which meet all occupational health and safety requirements for the vertical transport of goods and people. When you rent a lift from RECO, you are always making the right, and responsible, choice. Our lifts are the utmost in safety and comfort and can be called from the various storeys.

Please consult our specialist if you are not sure which lift or mast climbing work platform best fits your needs. Our specialists will always provide you with expert advice.

When selecting your temporary lift, consider the following criteria:

  • Which goods are being transported and how much lifting capacity is required
  • For passenger lifts: How many persons will be transported
  • The arrangement of the lift relative to the construction work and how the lift can be anchored
  • The maximum lifting height and the number of stops required
temporary passenger hoist
Technical data Type SC1432 Single Type SC1432 Double
Loading capacity 1400 kg or 17 persons
Speed 36 m / min
Max. lift height with anchored mast 200 m
Max. free-standing lift height 6 m 4,5 m
Max. anchoring distance 12 m 9 m
Max. mast height above anchoring 4,5 m / 6 m 4,5 m / 4,5 m

Cage dimensions
- door opening w x h
- internal cage dimensions
- internal cage height
- weight cage

1490 x 2000 mm
1390 x 3200 mm
2055 mm
1200 kg

Dimensions and weight base station
- length
- weight
- height
- weight

3905 mm
2470 mm
2740 mm
1150 kg

3905 mm
4940 mm
2740 mm
2300 kg

Motor power 2 x 7,5 kW
Current 63 Amp / slow
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Fall protection UC-3.0

Mast data
- length
- weight with 1 rack
- weight with 2 racks
- rack module

1508 mm
80 kg

6 mm

1508 mm
91 kg
6 mm

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