Specifications: Goods hoist RX-500 B

Artnr. 486

RECO goods lifts—reliable and safe

Goods lifts are an important link in both the logistics process and the construction process. It is therefore important that the vertical transport of goods occurs safely, reliably and quickly. That is why you rent a builders' hoist from RECO. We help you with the rental, transport, assembly and disassembly of your goods lift.

Our specialists are standing by to help you further. That way you are guaranteed the right lift for the right situation!

When selecting your temporary lift, consider the following criteria

  • Which goods are being transported and how much lifting capacity is required
  • Adequate electrical power
  • The maximum lifting height and the number of stops required
temporary goods hoist

Technical data Type RX500B
Payload 500 kg
Speed 24 m / min
Max lifting height with anchored mast 120 m
Verankerings afstand met een lifthoogte van < 50 m
- max. verankerings afstand
- max. masthoogte boven verankering

9 m
6 m

Max anchoring distance at a height > 50 m
- first anchoring distance
- max. anchoring distance
- max. mast height above anchoring

6 m
9 m
3 m
Max. lifting height free standing 10,5 m

Platform dimensions
- length
- width

1500 mm
1400 mm

Dimensions and weight of base station
- length
- width
- height
- weight base station with platform and one mast

2843 mm
2160 mm
2128 mm
1850 kg
Motor power 4 kW
Current 32 A
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Fall protection RX15

Mast data
- length
- weight
- rack module

1508 mm
51 kg
6 mm

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