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RECO. The best start of any project!

60 Years of experience

Throughout the years, RECO has developed into a successful, international enterprise with several branches. RECO thanks its customers for this growth—customers who value and appreciate the wide product range, the reliability, the expertise and the experience of RECO.


Solid partner

RECO is a solid partner to every one of its customers. By always looking out for and listening to the needs of the people in the field as well as remaining abreast of the developments and opportunities on the supply side, RECO makes all the difference.

Services & Products

RECO is the equipment rental service for the commercial market. With a sophisticated range of rental equipment, RECO facilitates projects from A to Z! Whether your project requires the temporary use of accommodations and equipment or the construction of a temporary station concourse, RECO is the right partner and is more than happy to assist you!