Specifications: Washing / toilet unit

Artnr. 232

Sanitary unit: Toilet units and Shower units

The sanitary units from RECO can be used in a variety of situations. RECO offers 2 types of sanitary unit: Toilet units and Shower units. For example, our toilet units are ideal for the construction and events sectors but are also perfect simply when you need greater capacity. In addition to festivals and different types of events, our units are also commonly utilized in the renovation and construction sectors.
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Technical data Type 232
Brand Fort Euro-unit
Dimensions 2,90 x 6,20 m 3,00 x 6,00 m
Exterior finish Polyester on water bump plating, colour blue
Interior finish Corridor with vinyl wallpaper + sanitary room with plastic sheeting
Heating Electric
Sanitary facilities 3 toilets + 3 urinals + wash trough
Flooring Corridor with Marmoleum + sanitary room with plastic cast floor
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