Specifications: Canteen unit

Artnr. 222

Description non-linkable units

The non-linkable canteen units from RECO are suitable as canteen areas or as social areas. The rental period for our units can easily be extended or reduced, if necessary. By linking or stacking several units, a building, which is just like a permanent premises, can be created.


  • Canteen area or social area
  • Electricity and sanitary facilities included
  • Equipped with roller blinds (optional)
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Technical data Type 222
Brand Brouwer
Dimensions 3,00 x 9,70 m
Exterior finish Polyester on water bump plating, colour blue
Interior finish Plastic sheets
Windows Aluminium sliding window with exterior shutters
Heating Electric
Sanitary facilities 1 toilet + 1 urinal + wash trough
Flooring Marmoleum
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Dennis den Hertog