Specifications: Management / worker unit

Artnr. 203

Description non-linkable units

The non-linkable units from RECO are suitable for a wide variety of applications. For instance, workers' units, management units or temporary offices used during construction or renovation projects. The format and the floor plan of the non-linkable units vary. The rental period for our units can easily be extended or reduced, if necessary. By linking or stacking several units, a building, which is just like a permanent premises, can be created.


  • Temporary shelter for workers, management or office personnel
  • Used for relatively small rooms
  • If you need an area from 9 to 75 m²
  • If you want electricity and sanitary facilities included
  • If you are looking for a burglary-resistant room, our units can be fitted with roller blinds, if required.

Technical data Type 203
Brand Fort Euro-unit
Dimensions 2,90 x 6,20 m 3,00 x 6,00 m
2,45 x 6,00 m
Exterior finish Polyester on water bump plating, colour blue
Interior finish Vinyl wallpaper
Windows Aluminium sliding windows
Heating Eletric
Flooring Marmoleum
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