Specifications: Linkable unit

Artnr. 218

RECO has various linkable units available. Our standard linkable units are completely equipped with heating, lighting and various power points. The units are available in various sizes and models, and any furniture can easily be added to your order. All of RECO's linkable units are delivered in top condition. hire linkable unit reco

Technical data Type 218
Brand Fort Euro-unit
Dimensions 2,90 x 6,20 m
2,90 x 7,40 m
3,00 x 6,00 m
3,00 x 7,20 m
Exterior finish Polyester on water bump plating, colour blue
Interior finish Vinyl wallpaper
Windows Aluminium sliding windows
Heating Electric
Flooring Marmoleum
Model This unit is also available in a dressing room model.
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Dennis den Hertog