Flexible supplier


RECO thinks alongside you

RECO makes all the difference in the market by carefully listening to the customer: “To be able to think alongside the customer as a valuable partner, you must first be crystal-clear about the needs of the customer in a specific situation.  The energy you invest initially is always more than paid back to you at the end of the journey.” For years now RECO has successfully anticipated the developments and needs of the market and knows how to distinguish itself by offering total solutions. RECO has enough critical mass in all equipment rental and temporary accommodations domains to have experts in each of these areas in their service. At the same time, the links connecting these domains are short, which means that departments can step in when needed. This means that we are always able to deliver exactly what is needed to make your project a success.”


Sharing the load

RECO is a flexible supplier. Our customers can perform all the individual activities of a rental project themselves activities such as preparing the order, making calculations, drafting plans, arranging the permits, assembly and installation etc.  But, it is also possible to have the RECO experts perform one or more of the individual activities or even to have them take care of the entire project. With RECO's expert input and professionalism, these activities can be quickly and affordably realised, leaving the customer with one less thing to worry about in his own project. 



Choosing RECO is choosing professional certainty. Certainty that every agreement will be kept. Certainty that all inspections are in order. Certainty that a project completely complies with all guidelines and standards. And the certainty that your project gets off to the best start, runs smoothly and is completed successfully.