Thinking green

Sustainable energy

Less emission

Corporate Social Responsibility

Awareness of the way we treat nature and the environment is increasing and therefore sustainable practices deserve priority. Everyone must take responsibility for his or her part, and that includes businesses. That is why RECO focuses on corporate social responsibility.


Reducing energy consumption

In the 'Trias Energetica [Energy Triad]', three important steps are taken which result in the sustainable use of energy. The first step is combating the wasteful consumption of energy, for example, by insulating façades and roofs. Using LED lighting is also an excellent method for significantly decreasing power consumption. RECO carried out this step by replacing the lighting in all of its locations with LED lighting. Together with its partner, BestLed, RECO also makes it appealing for other companies to make this same choice. BestLed offers a total LED lighting package for the commercial market.


Stimulating the use of sustainable energy sources

In the second step toward sustainability, RECO helps companies to maximize their use of energy from sustainable sources (wind, water, solar). Together with their partner Rooftop Energy, RECO supplies solar power installations. Business owners can generate (a portion of) their own energy in a sustainable manner by using solar panels on the roofs of their own companies.


Economical use of fossil fuels

The third step dots the i's and crosses the t's by controlling as carefully as possible the consumption of the fossil fuels required for the remaining energy needs. In this domain RECO has come up with smart applications, for example, for utilizing generators as optimally as possible. As an equipment rental service, RECO offers a sustainable alternative, when possible. These alternatives range from the rental of self-supporting 'eco units' (running on solar and wind energy) to the rental of temporary LED lighting, such as the LED Towerlights (a sustainable combination of a light tower and a generator).